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How to Measure for your Exterior Shutters

Measuring your windows for your new custom shutters is not hard, but the measuring can be a little intimidating to some. Don't worry, we can get you started.

Measuring your window opening is important and the more accurate the measurement the better. However, you don't need to the measure your window to the closest 1/16th of an inch. Measuring to the 1/4 inch will be sufficient. We build the shutters to be functional shutters, but we know most shutters will never be closed and are only used as a decorative shutter. Even if you plan to use your shutters for decorative purposes only, try to measure as accurately as possible.

Download Shutter Measurement Worksheet (PDF)

Measuring Tips

First, use a good metal tape measure. Don't use your kids school ruler. If you don't have a good tape measure, this is your excuse for another Home Depot run.

We have built a worksheet for measuring your window openings. Go ahead and download and print the worksheet. The worksheet will be helpful when you begin the ordering process.

First, measure the width of your window. The width is typically the width of the window opening. Once you have the width measured, divide by 2 and this is your shutter width for each shutter.

Next, measure the height of the window opening. Measure on each side of the window, especially older windows. Use the smaller of the two measurements as your shutter height. See the illustration above

Single windows:
To determine the width of your shutter, divide the width of the window opening in half. For short windows where the height is smaller than the width, divide the width of the window by 4.

The height of the shutter is usually the height of the opening, not counting the window sill.

Double Windows:
For double windows, divide the opening width by 4. For consistency, if the width is close to the measurements for your single windows, use the single width.

Triple Windows:
Divide the opening width by 6.


The window opening width is 36 1/2" by 75" in height. You would order a pair of shutters (two shutters) with a width of 18 1/4" and a height of 75".



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