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General Guidelines for Installing Exterior Shutters

NOTE: To deflect rain away from the structure, louvered shutters should be installed so the louvers face AWAY from the structure when shutters are closed.

Step 1:
Pick shutters to fit window and put next to each window on top of saw horses to make sure shutters are paired properly. Lay two shutters face down next to each and prepare to install hinges.

Shutter Position in preparation for installation
Position shutters for installation

Step 2:
Install hinges after determining offset. Hinges are to be set at top and bottom even with outside. Drill holes with 1/8th pilot bit. Be careful not to drill all the way through shutter.
Install shutter hinges
Mount Hinges
Step 3:
Position and install upper holdback clips 1" from top and center edge of stile. Shutters over 58" require 2 sets of acorns; install similarly at top.
Install Acorn holdback clips Install Acorn holdback clips
Position and Install Acorn Holdback Clips
Step 4:
Install slide bolt - turn shutters over and line up slide bolt edge with shutter edge. Pre-drill 1/8 slot hole (careful not to drill all the way through). Install slide bolt with screws. Shutters are now ready for installation.

Install Slide Bolt and Pull Rings

Step 5:
Position shutter in opening allowing equal amounts of space between shutter and wall (A & B), and between shutters (C) to allow for smooth operation. When attaching the pintel to the structure, you may have to drill into mortar and brick.

Position Shutter in Window Opening
Step 6:
Install acorn (anchor). Swing shutter open and mark center of holdback slip and install acorn anchoring brick.

Mark Acorn Post Position
Step 7:
Install 'S' Holdback*. Shutter is now held open by acorn anchor. Position shutter latch in correct location and mark for screws and fasten to wall, 1-1/2" down from shutter and 1-3/4" from outside edge. Options: Use Post Mount or Sill Mount for siding

Measure down 1.5Drill holeInsert masonary anchorBolt on Shutter Tie Back



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